2017 Krash Industries 50 Cal Flatwater

2017 Krash Industries 50 Cal Flatwater

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Krash Industries
2017 50 Cal Flatwater
1-Passenger Stand-Up
2017 Krash Industries 50 Cal Flatwater

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to make your freeride/freestyle watercraft perform tricks like a seasoned professional? Well now you can!

The 50Cal is for the thrill seeking aerial wizard in us all. With its shorter wider design and KV 997 power plant it literally pops off the smallest wake or wave effortlessly.

The 50Cal handles like a fish shaped surfboard. Most if not all other freeride /freestyle hulls are based on old technology and all have the same overall width, channel width and channel position.

The 50Cal hull design is like nothing else on the market. Both models were computer modeled and then extensively tested in the water by professional surf freeride and flat water freestyle champions to insure that the hulls and the Kavinci drivetrain exceeded all functional parameters. Once you ride the 50Cal, whether it would be flatwater freestyle or freeride surf you will never want to ride anything else.

The wider tray and hull makes the 50Cal so much more stable in rough choppy water and the bottom curve and design and forth chine on the surf model means that it carves the waves like a surfboard, whereas the 50 Cal Flat water’s narrower beam, deeper draft and release rocker and unlimited power of the KV 997 means that the rider can flip and roll like the hull was on the rails of a roller-coaster no matter what the water conditions.

With its sleek lines reverse angles, distinctive graphics and the latest colors the 50 Cal will comfortably sit next to your Ferrari, and if unfortunately you don’t have a Ferrari you’ll at least have the best looking and performing watercraft money can buy!

Engine Type: 2-Stroke Kavinci 997

Displacement: 997cc

Bore x Stroke: 88.0mm x 82.0mm

Compression: 165psi

Cooling System: Water-Cooled

Pump Type: 12 Vein 148mm Set Back Axial Flow

Fuel: Premium Unleaded

Fuel Supply System: x2 KV Black Ops 48mm

Fuel Capacity: 18.0 litres - Optional smaller tanks for lightweight setups

Lubrication System: Pre-Mixed oil/fuel

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